Learn more about Scottish Estates and how you can make a claim | Interview on BBC Radio Scotland

Mon 20th Jan 2020

250 unclaimed estates have been announced in Glasgow alone. With Intestacy laws more relaxed in Scotland than in England, this opens up the opportunity to inherit an estate if you are found to have a connection with someone registered on the Bona Vacantia List. 

“In Scotland, the intestacy law is far more generous, so less money needs to go to the Crown. We can pass estates to second cousins, descendants of great uncles and aunts, etcetera, and the  law goes on and on in an effort to stop the money from going to the Crown.” - Daniel Curran, Finders International MD


Almost 250 Unclaimed Estates linked to the City of Glasgow

Thu 16th Jan 2020

When a person dies intestate, and no next of kin can be traced, their property is passed to the crown and becomes what is known as an Unclaimed Estate. New Unclaimed Estates are released weekly through the Bona Vacantia List and with almost 250 unclaimed estates in Glasgow recently being announced, it has generated the interest of many.

Ownerless property means that if you are the eligible next of kin to someone who has died intestate and featured on the list, you could stand to inherit an Estate. This asset could come in the form of money, property, a business, or personal possessions. If these estates go unclaimed, after 30 years have passed, they will then be consigned to the crown.

If you have one of the surnames listed below you may be entitled to an estate.

The full list of estates in Scotland to claim can be found here.

Article Source: This article was first published by Glasgow Live

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Eligible to claim one of several estates. New Batch of Scottish common and not so common Surnames released.

Wed 6th Nov 2019

North of the border, Scottish surnames such as Carlin. Hunniball, Malone-Philban, and Raube have been released in the Bona Vacantia. This newly published list reveals estates in Edinburgh and the Lothians worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in assets, meaning that if you carry one of the more unusual Scottish names listed you could be able to claim one of 435 empty Scottish estates and entitled to cash, land, assets, and homes. In total, 10,000 estates dating back as far as the 1970s that have yet to be claimed. And there are thought to currently be more than 8,000 unclaimed estates in England and Wales.


£105,000 inheritance is going unclaimed in Paisley

Thu 25th May 2017

More than £100,000 in unclaimed estates is up for grabs in Paisley, it has been revealed.

According to heir hunters Finders International, there are currently 15 unclaimed estates in the town with a value of £105,000.

Normally, when a person dies their assets revert to a named person but sometimes relatives cannot be traced.

When this happens, the estate is held for 30 years before being transferred to the Treasury.


Are you heir to a fortune? It’s easy to find out!

Thu 3rd Sep 2015

Ever watched television shows that reveal how unsuspecting individuals receive bequests worth thousands? If so, you’ve no doubt wondered if, somewhere in your family, there was an inheritance worth a fortune awaiting you! It really could be you as latest government figures show that unclaimed inheritances in Scotland amount to £3 million. Now leading heir hunting firm, Finders International, has turned its attention to Scotland to help people track down their inheritances.