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Learn more about Scottish Estates and how you can make a claim | Interview on BBC Radio Scotland

Mon 20th Jan 2020

250 unclaimed estates have been announced in Glasgow alone. With Intestacy laws more relaxed in Scotland than in England, this opens up the opportunity to inherit an estate if you are found to have a connection with someone registered on the Bona Vacantia List. 

“In Scotland, the intestacy law is far more generous, so less money needs to go to the Crown. We can pass estates to second cousins, descendants of great uncles and aunts, etcetera, and the  law goes on and on in an effort to stop the money from going to the Crown.” - Daniel Curran, Finders International MD

In the interview linked below, Daniel Curran of Finders International talks to Radio Host Kaye Adams about the many forms in which estates can come in. He also discusses the probate process and some peculiar items which have been discovered and resulted in a large windfall for some. 

If you would like to see if you can claim one of these Scottish estates, search the Unclaimed Estates Scots list here or contact Finders International.