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Eligible to claim one of several estates. New Batch of Scottish common and not so common Surnames released.

Wed 6th Nov 2019

North of the border, Scottish surnames such as Carlin. Hunniball, Malone-Philban, and Raube have been released in the Bona Vacantia. This newly published list reveals estates in Edinburgh and the Lothians worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in assets, meaning that if you carry one of the more unusual Scottish names listed you could be able to claim one of 435 empty Scottish estates and entitled to cash, land, assets, and homes. In total, 10,000 estates dating back as far as the 1970s that have yet to be claimed. And there are thought to currently be more than 8,000 unclaimed estates in England and Wales.

Unclaimed Estates are left behind when someone passes away without a will, and no known next of kin can be traced. If, for some reason, these Scottish estates go unclaimed, they will then be passed over to the crown.

Finders International is a genealogy firm that locates relatives that have a claim to estates and assets. This particular law firm, specialising in forensic genealogy assisted pensioner Margaret Abbots in claiming her inheritance, an astounding £300,000 plus from a sister she never knew existed.

In a quote from the latest  Country Living article, Unclaimed Estates explains;

"It is always worth getting in touch with a respected probate genealogy firm if you want to prove your relationship to anyone on the unclaimed estates list.

If you find a name on the Bona Vacantia list, which you may be an entitled relative of, contact a member of our team who can discuss the process of proving your claim.

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