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£105,000 inheritance is going unclaimed in Paisley

Thu 25th May 2017

More than £100,000 in unclaimed estates is up for grabs in Paisley, it has been revealed.

According to heir hunters Finders International, there are currently 15 unclaimed estates in the town with a value of £105,000.

Normally, when a person dies their assets revert to a named person but sometimes relatives cannot be traced.

When this happens, the estate is held for 30 years before being transferred to the Treasury.


Finders International, a company which specialises in reuniting heirs with unclaimed estates, says there are currently 15 waiting to be claimed in Paisley The highest value estate is that of Thomas Meechan, who died in Dykebar Hospital on May 5, 2013.

He left £18,212.04 behind when he died which is currently unclaimed.

Edith Chisholm Docherty, who died on November 28, 2011 at Kyle Court Care home in Paisley, left behind £15,004.48.

Some of the estates listed are of a smaller value, for example Andrew McAulay left behind just £185 when he died at Dykebar Hospital on September 5, 2011.

There are around 15,000 unclaimed estates across the UK, ranging from just a few pounds and up to the millions.

Daniel Curran, managing director of Finders International and star of BBC’s Heir Hunters, said: “There are vast sums of money tied up in unclaimed estates across the country. Finders International helps ensure that this money goes to the rightful beneficiaries, many of whom will have no idea that they are heirs.

Each estate that we deal with tells its own story – some include the breakdown of relationships.

Most of our work is referred to us by lawyers, local councils, hospitals and coroners.”

If you think you might be eligible to claim one of the estates, call Unclaimed Estates Scotland on 0800 085 8796

The full list according to the website www.unclaimedestates.scot is:

The full list according to the website www.unclaimedestates.scot is:

> Andrew McAulay, Dykebar, £185,66

> John Boyle, Lancefield Care Home, £6283.22

> Sarah Carey, 43 Houstonfield Quadrant, Renfrew , £277.37

> Marion Isobel Nicol Craig, Cochrane Care Home, Johnstone, £13,321.98

> Margaret Dick, Wsterfield Care Home, £15,441.77

> Edith Chisholm Docherty, Kyle Court Care Home, £15,004.48

> Joseph Acorn Flockhart, 10 Spiersfield Garden, £2,688.64

> Janet Elizabeth Forsyth, Dykebar Hospital, £5,971.08

> Margaret McIntyre Hall, Braemount Care Home, £5,594.83

> Bryan McSorley, Greenhil Drive, Linwood, £3,040.34

> Thomas Meechan, Dykebar Hospital, £18,212.04

> Margaret Hill Wallace Mill, Kyle Court Care Home, £2,701.38

> Domenico Varone, Elderslie Care Home, £6,529.05

> James Walker, Dykebar Hospital, £9,602.97

> Agnes Smith Young, 92 Hollows Avenue, £8,853.15

Source: This story first featured in DailyRecord